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  1. Your chm reader is great- I was impressed. I had two other chm reader apps hat really sucked. Tried reading some chm’s with hem, and it was awful. Your app works very well, and I still have a few texts in .chm that I am now able to read on my ipad, without swearing and complaining!

  2. It doesn’t highlight sometimes. Help.

  3. Pavel Savenkov

    I use iPad application to catalog my eBooks. It does not store eBooks itselves but allows to specify iOS link to open external file from another iPad application. How such link would look like in case of CHM+ Reader? As far as I understood CHM+ Reader should register somewhat “URL Scheme”. Note: file names may contain whitespaces. For example: “Java Concurrency In Practice.chm”.

    • Hi Pavel Savenkov, CHM+ Reader does not register any URL scheme, but it registers the .chm file type, which works well for those Apps that supports the “Open In” feature. It doesn’t matter whether the file name contains white spaces or not.

  4. Now I can read the Paratext/USF Reference CHM file on my iPad Mini. Looks great. Better than using the website through Safari.

  5. Hi, I’ve been a big fan of TortoiseGIT on windows and recently switched to mac. I’ve been looking for a replacement for it on mac, and landed on your site. Do you have an evaluation version of snailGIT that I could try and then decide to purchase it?

  6. Hi,
    How to change English version?
    Can’t read Chinese.

  7. Is it possible to start snailgit from terminal in required mode?

    TG allows me to do it by this way

    TortoiseGitProc /command:log

  8. 首选项 -> 历史 -> 最近信息/版本库地址 – > 管理无法拉长视图,导致路径无法完全显示

  9. Hey! Is there a working version available of SnailHg? I would need the finder integration for work.

  10. Your FTP Server and WebDAV Server products are amazing! Are you going to work on a MacOS Server App replacement? I’d definitely buy your product if it could bring back GUI for Web Managment, VPN Managment, File Share Management, etc!

    • Hi,
      Very glad that you love our apps :-)
      Creating a macOS Server app replacement is not easy, we may consider your suggestion in the future.
      Thank you!

  11. Hi,

    New File Menu is great, what I was missing for years.

    Thank you!

  12. Hi, are you ready for the new ARM chip macbooks? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  13. Where can I download ZipMounter or ZipMounter Lite for Android?

  14. Hello,snail svn v 1.14.1 is not working well in MacOS Sonoma I lost my Finder integration. Could you please check this behaviour

    • Hi Honza,
      Please remove the existing SVN working copies from “SnailSVN Preferences -> Working Copies”, add them back and try again.
      You also need to make sure that the SnailSVN Finder extension has been enabled.
      Thank you!

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