iSVN: Fully-Functional SVN Client for iOS

iSVN is a lightweight Apache® Subversion® client for iOS.

With iSVN you can update/view/edit files and commit changes on your iPhone/iPad easily.


 • SVN operations: checkout / commit / update / log / info / properties / diff / revert, etc.

• Supports “svn://”, “http://” and “https://” protocols

• TortoiseSVN-style file icon overlays

• File management (copy/cut/paste/delete)

• Basic text editing


Q: What’s the working copy format version?

A: iSVN uses the same working copy format as Subversion 1.8.x.

Q: Where is the “.svn” directory?

A: “.svn” is stored in the top-level directory of the working copy, and it has been hidden to prevent unintentional changes.

Q: Does iSVN support “svn+ssh://”?

A: “svn+ssh://” is currently not supported yet.

Download iSVN

iSVN status iSVN commit iSVN checkout iSVN info iSVN diff

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