Context Menu

Context Menu is a configurable contextual menu extension for Finder.

You can easily attach applications / shell scripts to the right click menu of Finder with the help of Context Menu.

Note: Context Menu is implemented as a Finder extension, you need to enable “Context Menu Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions” to make the context menu appear.


Q: Difference between Context Menu Lite and the full version?
A: Context Menu Lite supports one action at a time, but the full version supports unlimited actions.

Q: I can’t find the context menu?
A: Please make sure that you’ve enabled “Context Menu Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions”, and make sure that you’ve added the specific location to the Context Menu preferences.
If the problem persists, please disable “Context Menu Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions” and then enable it again. The last resort is to relaunch Finder or restart your computer.

Q: Is it possible to add the context menu to mounted volumes?
A: Yes. You need to add the volumes to the Context Menu preferences first.

Q: Where are the actions stored?
A: You can find all the installed actions at “~/Library/Group Containers/”.

Download Context Menu

Context Menu

Context Menu Preferences

  1. Interested in New File Menu

    what is the difference between New File Menu and Context Menu ?

  2. Context Menu stopped working when I upgraded Catalina to Big Sur (MacOS 11.0). When I click on a menu item (e.g. Emacs), I receive the following error:

    Error lunching application! The application “” could not be lunched because a miscellaneous error occured.

    • I discovered that if I remove the Context Menu app from my Mac computer and then reinstall it, then it works properly in MacOS 11 (Big Sur).

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