FTP Mounter

FTP Mounter lets you mount FTP and SFTP servers as local drives.

Mount FTP/SFTP servers and open/edit/manage the remote files/directories directly!

* Features

• Mount FTP/SFTP servers as local drives
• Navigate/browse the directories in Finder
• Preview/open/edit the remote files as if they are local
• You can also mount the FTP/SFTP servers in read-only mode


Q: How to mount an FTP/SFTP server?
A: Please follow these steps to mount an FTP/SFTP server:
1. Go to “FTP Mounter Preferences -> FTP/SFTP Drives”
2. Add an FTP/SFTP drive
3. Right click on the FTP/SFTP server in the list and select “Mount Drive”
4. You can also mount/unmount the FTP/SFTP drives via the FTP Mounter menu bar icon

Download FTP Mounter

FTP Mounter Menu FTP Mounter Drives

  1. I like this app, It works well and is fairly unobtrusive

  2. support SMB ?if YES,i will buy .

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