Git Server for iOS

Git Server lets you host your Git repositories on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch!

Now you can bring your Git repositories wherever you are! Push your source code to your iOS device before leaving the office and pull it to your desktop computer when you are back home, without worrying about the synchronization.

Access your source code wherever there is Wi-Fi access, perform push/pull/branch operations whenever you need.

Git Server provides password protection, so you can restrict who can read from (clone/fetch) or write to (push) the repositories.

Background mode is available so that you can keep the Git service running when the iOS device screen is locked.

There is also a built-in FTP server which can be handy when you need to copy media files, documents or other files.


Q: What should I for “error: Cannot access URL http://ip-address:8080/project.git/, return code 22”?
A: You’ve probably enabled the password protection but your Git client failed to provide the correct authentication information, please use “git remote set-url origin http://username@ip-address:8080/project.git” to make sure that your Git client provides the correct username

Q: How to change my Git URL when the Git Server IP changes?
A: You can use the “git remote set-url origin *new-url*” command to change the Git URL, you can also map the Git Server IP to a host name in the hosts file of your desktop computer and use the host name in your Git URL, change the IP in the hosts file when the Git Server IP changes

Download Git Server on the App Store

  1. Hello,
    I bought your app, but I found that it won’t work with Eclipse or NetBeans (the newest version of both, with a modern version of Git). The errors I get say the server (your app) doesn’t accept Smart HTTP pushes. Can you please add this feature to your app? I’d be very grateful.

    • Hi Rob,
      Git Server for iOS is a basic Git server, which means that it does not support advanced features such as Smart HTTP.
      Git Server supports Git command line version, and has been tested on both OS X and Windows, we suggest that you give Git cli a try.
      Thank you!

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