Translate Text for Mac 1.0 Released

Translate Text is a tiny tool for translating selected text on your Mac OS X computer.

Translate Text utilizes Google Translate, and it is totally free.

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Archive Viewer for Mac 1.0 Released

Archive Viewer is a powerful archive manager that makes viewing/extracting archives really easy.

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New File Here for Mac 1.0 Released

New File Here adds a “New File Here” menu item to Finder’s context menu, enabling you to create files easily in any location.

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Extractor 1.0 Released

Extractor is a fast and efficient utility to extract all kinds of archives, including rar, zip, 7z, bzip2, cab, msi, iso, tar, gz, xz and many other archive file types.

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Capture Text 1.0 Released

Capture Text is a small utility to copy window/label/menu/web text in Mac.

Capture Text is released as a freeware in the hope that it would be helpful, should you have any question please leave a message.

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Please refer to the Capture Text page for more information.

ChmPlus Reader 3.2 Released

What’s new in ChmPlus Reader (CHM+ Reader) 3.2:

- update icons for the new iPad
- fix epub document reading issue
- improve text selection for plain text documents
- improve “find on page”
- fix chm text encoding issue

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- 增强网络连接稳定性
- 修复招行支付页面乱码问题
- 添加验证码加载动画

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- 引入动态更新和通知推送功能

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CHM+ Reader 3.1.1 Released

What’s new in CHM+ Reader 3.1.1:

- night mode (white text on black background)
- show search result bar for chm/epub document-wide search
- improve the “Save to Photo Album” feature for chm/epub
- “Copy Image” feature for chm/epub
- fix chm encoding issue
- fix mht document crash issue
- improve the document list refreshing performance

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- 修复铁道部订单接口调整导致无法下单的问题
- 优化操作流程,下单或改签操作完成后直接进入未完成订单
- 下单时乘客信息中的手机号码改为可选项
- 增加是否自动填充默认乘客信息的选项

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