Git Status

Git Status adds icon overlays to your Git repositories in Finder.

* Git Status has been discontinued, please check out our SnailGit instead.

SnailGit Full
SnailGit Free

Git Status tracks your Git repositories and updates the icon overlays automatically, giving you visual feedback of the current state of your working copies.

To use Git Status, you only need to:
1. Enable “Git Status Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions”
2. Add a Git working copy to Git Status


Q: Is Git Status a fully functional Git client?
A: No, Git Status is not a fully functional Git client, it is designed to show the working copy status only. You still need other Git clients to manage your Git repositories.

Q: There is no icon overlay for the files?
A: Please make sure that you’ve enabled “Git Status Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions”, and also make sure that you’ve added the working copy to Git Status. If the problem persists, please disable “Git Status Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions” and then enable it again. The last resort is to relaunch Finder or restart your computer.

Q: Does Git Status work well with other Git clients?
A: Yes. In theory, Git Status works with any kinds of Git clients, from the command line to the GUI apps.

Q: Does Git Status work for file managers other than Finder?
A: Git Status is primarily a Finder extension, so it is likely that it will not work for other file managers.

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