HelloWeb is simply the fastest way to write and test your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.

You only need to write or paste in your source code and switch to the “Result” tab to run/preview it.

* Features

– Write & run your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code instantly
– Source code syntax highlighting
– Autocompletion
– Syntax checking for CSS/JavaScript
– Various editor themes

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  1. font size adjustment is missing

    • Hi,

      Font size adjustment is currently not supported yet, but you can edit the file “/Applications/HelloWeb.app/Contents/Resources/Assets/UI/edit.html” and add one line of code before “__hw_editors[lang] = editor;”:

      editor.setOptions({fontSize: "15pt"});

      Please change "15pt" to the size you would like, and restart HelloWeb when you finish.

      Thank you!

  2. hi, thanks for the reply. unfortunately, I can’t succeed. first, when I try to edit the edit.html system doesn’t give permission and say I can edit If I duplicate the file. Then I duplicate it, delete original edit.html from the folder, add the line of code you gave as

    editor.on(“change”, function() {
    document.location = “helloweb-internal://event/text-changed”;
    editor.setOptions({fontSize: “24pt”});
    __hw_editors[lang] = editor;

    then save it to desktop and copy to the application folder. quit restart the app, and every time I get a white screen on application’s window. How can I fix this problem? thanks.

  3. problem solved, thanks :smile:

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