New File Here

New File Here adds a “New File Here” menu item to Finder’s context menu, enabling you to create files easily in any location.

Note: “New File Here” has been replaced by “New File Menu“.

Creating a new document can be a drawn-out process sometimes. No matter what kind of document you would like to create, it usually takes ages to open the application and plough through the menus to create a new file.
New File Here saves you from the tedious steps by providing a shortcut to create files, simply right click on any folder/file and create your new file!

* Features

– Right click on any folder/file and select the “New File Here” or “Services -> New File Here” menu item to create a new file
– You can change the file name before creating a file by turning on the “Always ask for filename” option in the Preferences
– A sound is played on file creation finish
– The newly created file is revealed in the Finder
– You can chose to open the newly created file automatically by turning on the “Open file on creation finish” in the Preferences
– You can customize the app behavior in the Preferences

Note: In case that the “New File Here” menu item does not appear in the Finder context menu, please relaunch New File Here and then try again. In some OS X versions, you may need to logout and then login again to make the services being updated. Please also make sure that the “New File Here” service is enabled in “System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Services”

Should you have any question, please leave a message here.

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  1. does this app work on mac os X 10.10 – yosemite ? please update the pics on the app store if so

  2. Darren Ehlers

    Having a problem using with macOS High Sierra. It doesn’t let you save any paths for it to be enabled in, therefore it no longer works.

    Let me know if I can help with issue?

    – Darren

    • Hi, we’ll look into the issue soon.
      Thank you!

      • Darren Ehlers

        I apologize, I commented on the wrong page. It should have been the New Terminal Here app. And I just commented there that the issue seems to have resolved itself with the Beta 3 just released monday.

        – Darren

  3. This seems to have been pulled form the App Store.

    Can you provide a local download link?

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