New File Menu

New File Menu allows you to create new files quickly via the Finder context menu.

New File Menu is simply the coolest way to create a new file on the Mac OS X platform, you can right click in any Finder window to create a new file! You can even right click on the desktop to create your files!

Important: New File Menu is implemented as a Finder extension, you need to enable “New File Menu Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions” to make the context menu appear.

* Features

– Right click in any Finder window to create a new file
– Over 30 built-in file templates (please enable the templates you need in the New File Menu Preferences)
– Custom templates are supported, New File Menu is able to create virtually any kind of document
– Path extension is appended automatically
– A sound is played on file creation finish
– The newly created file is revealed in Finder
– You can chose to open the newly created file automatically by enabling the “Open file on creation finish” option in the preferences

* Built-in File Types

– Plain text document
– Rich text document
– MS Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
– iWork ’08 / iWork ’09 (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
– OpenOffice / LibreOffice documents (Text, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing)
– Scripts (Shell, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.)
– Many other kinds of documents


Q: I can’t find the context menu to create a new file?
A: Please make sure that you’ve enabled “New File Menu Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions”, and make sure that you’ve added the specific location to New File Menu preferences.
If the problem persists, please disable “New File Menu Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions” and then enable it again. The last resort is to relaunch Finder or restart your computer.

Q: There is no file templates available, what can I do?
A: Please remove the “~/Library/Group Containers/” folder and relaunch New File Menu, then the folder should be recreated. (Do remember to backup any important data in the folder before removing it.)

Q: How to create a document with arbitrary path extension?
A: Please enable the “Blank Document” template in New File Menu preferences and create the new file with this template, you’ll be able to enter arbitrary path extension.

Q: Is it possible to add the context menu to mounted volumes?
A: Yes. You need to add the volumes to New File Menu preferences first.

Q: Is it possible to make the save panel appear faster?
A: Please enable the “Keep the helper app running in the background” option in the New File Menu preferences, so that the app launching process is skipped.

Should you have any further questions, please visit and leave a message.

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  1. 能不能将菜单收缩到一个菜单里呢

  2. Alessandro Fontana

    The latest update to New File Menu (putting menu items in a submenu) was excellent. May I suggest two additional updates?

    1. Prevent the Finder from automatically opening when creating a new file on the desktop.

    2. Prevent the “New File” context menu appearing when right-clicking on an existing file.

    Thank you in advance for considering these proposals.

  3. I do not want to see the New File Menu icon in the Dock. Is there a way to get rid of that icon while continuing to run the extension?

    • Hi Ron Miller,
      Please right click on the New File Menu app icon in the Dock and select “Quit”.
      The main app is mainly for configuration, and the helper app is windowless, you don’t have to keep the main app running in order to run the extension.
      Thank you!

  4. Alessandro Fontana

    Thank you for the new update… This app keeps getting better and better 😀 And your quick response is very much appreciated!

  5. Alessandro Fontana

    Thank you for the update (version 1.2.1)! Your immediate responses to feedback are awesome. And, at this point, even I can’t think of any way to make the app better 😀 It’s perfect as it is. Thanks again…

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for this app and your great support shown above in the comments!

  7. 您好,

    请问什么时候会有对 High Sierra 10.13 的支持呢?

  8. 求解,「新建文件使用的模板」里面是空的,要怎么解决呢?

    • 您好,请删除“~/Library/Group Containers/”目录后重启软件,模板将自动重建。(在 Finder 中可以按 Shift-Command-G 快捷键前往相应目录)

  9. Bobby Axelrod

    How do I create custom templates? I don’t see an option to create JavaSctipt files, or even just a blank option to create a file and give it an extension of my choice.

    • Bobby Axelrod

      I figured it out. Open the New File Menu app from the Applications folder, then select the Templates tab. You can remove, add, and reorder from there.

  10. High Sierra

    • Hi, New File Menu works well with macOS High Sierra. Thanks!

      • Wasn’t showing in High Sierra by default.

        Open the application, then use the button “Open System Preferences”. Deselect, and after that select again.

        Worked for me!

        Love it, thanks Langui!

  11. Hi Langui, Great app
    i only have one small issue:
    if i create a file in finder the file is created and that’s it
    but when i create a file on desktop the desktop folder is opened on finer, it’s kind of annoying, is there a way to prevent this?
    Ps: i disabled “open file on creation finish”

  12. Thanks for a great app!

    I use Alfred alot, letting me launch apps and various commands with the keboard. Do you know of it, and if so, what would be the best route to ad a keyboard command to create new files with your app without using the mouse?

    • Hi Rickard,
      You can use the following command format to invoke New File Menu:
      open newfilemenu://{dest-path}?{n}
      {dest-path} is the directory in which you would like to create the file, {n} is the n-th enabled template you would like to use (starting from 0).
      An example:
      open newfilemenu:///Users/username/Desktop?2
      Thank you!

  13. This thing always keeps on asking for directory access. Anyway to get away with that once and for all ?

    • Hi pickard,
      Please add your home directory ( “/Users/username” ) or the root directory (“/“) to “New File Menu Preferences -> Finder”.
      If you are using New File Menu on external drives, you’ll need to add them to New File Menu too.
      Thank you!

  14. 能否在Finder的工具栏添加一个图标呢?

    • 您好,
      请在 Finder 工具栏上点击右键,选择“自定义工具栏”,将 New File Menu 按钮(“+”号标志)拖放到 Finder 工具栏即可。

  15. Is it possible to create .psd Files? Can’t find a template :/

    • Hi Alex, please create a blank .psd file, save it somewhere and add it to “New File Menu Preferences -> Templates”. Thank you!

  16. 亲你好!
    可否在右键里添加 “ copy path 文件路径” 的小功能。
    虽然通过其他方式也可以获得路径。 还是习惯右键方便,在其他同类型程序里有右键用到过这个功能,不过最后还是最喜欢这款程序的方式,简洁快速方便高效。希望能在右键里添加这个小功能,更完美了。 感谢开发者大大,辛苦。

    • 您好,
      如果您要在终端中使用该路径,直接复制粘贴即可;如果是要复制为文本,点击右键后按 Option 键,选择“Copy “filename” as Pathname”即可(可能只在新版 macOS 中支持)。

  17. hi,
    quick question. i see there are two versions of New File Menu in the app store (one free). For me they are both free. Did i perhaps download the app a long time ago and deleted it? Just curious because i can’t find anything on your site suggesting the “other” app needs to be purchased(the one that doesn’t specifically say free in its title). If i didn’t previously buy the app non-free version which is why they both appear free to me now, then I’m not sure what the difference is between the two versions. , my myappologies if this is a dumb question. once im asking a question. might as well ask another. ive read some reviews that say this will slow down your mac (requiring force quit from captivity monitor) and this reviewer was waiting for a fix before he reinstalled. has this bug been fixed? thanks. great app.

  18. Hi there, love this app! My only problem is that when it creates and opens a new word document it is not using my saved Normal template with my preferred font, margins and spacing. I have to go and change all of these each time. How do I get it to load a Microsoft Word document using my saved preferences?

    • Hi, please right click on the word template in “New File Menu Preferences -> Templates”, open it with MS Word, edit the document and save the changes. Thank you!

  19. 请问最新版本如何去除状态栏的图标呢

  20. Hello! First, I want to say that I really love this app, it’s very useful! However, sometimes when I try to create a new file in any directory, I get this annoying popup:

    The app works perfectly fine, but having to click “OK” on that popup can get annoying. I have an app called CloudMounter installed on my Mac, which I use to mount clouds as network drives. Could that be interfering with NewFileMenu? Is there a fix to this problem? Thank you!

    • Please turn on the “Do not ask for filename” option in “New File Menu Preferences -> General” and try again.
      Thank you!

  21. 如何在里面添加新建文件夹的功能呢???


    • Yes, this is a known issue that can’t be fixed permanently.
      You may disable and then re-enable New File Menu extension to resolve the Finder extension conflict temporarily, or simply disable the New File Menu extension and create new files via drag and drop by using the New File Menu icon in the menu bar.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  22. Leonardo Bruno Pereira

    How can I translate the “New File” menu ?

    • Hi, you can edit the file located at “/Applications/” and update the strings.
      The translation is in the "key" = "value"; format, and you should change the value.
      Please backup the .strings file before making changes, disable & re-enable the New File Menu extension after that.
      Thank you!

  23. Hi, it seems that NewFileMenu breaks icon overlay. When I disable the finder extension for NewFileMenu icon overlay works again for other apps.

  24. Hi this app works very well! My colleague just informed me that my files that are created using this app appear to be authored by Wu Coral. This can lead to confusion. Would you consider changing this in the app?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Eric, you can edit the template and update the author information, or remove the current template and add your own one.
      Thank you!

  25. New File Menu - create files via Finder menu 1.4.2 • Cmacapps - pingback on December 18, 2019 at 12:19 am
  26. The menu options don’t appear in PathFinder. Any. way to enable this?

    • Hi Sanjiv,
      New File Menu is a Finder extension, it does not integrate with PathFinder.
      You can create new files via drag and drop by using the New File Menu icon in the menu bar, this way should work for PathFinder.
      Thank you!

  27. Hello, I changed the name of my mac account and now getting an error “Error creating file!” “The file “TextFile.txt” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.”. I think this is probably to do with a caching issue trying to create files with the old account name in the path. Restarting and the mac and reinstalling “New File Menu” didn’t fix. Is there a setting file somewhere that I can change the path or way to clear cache and reinstall entirely? Thanks

  28. Hi, did you prepare for new macbook arm based ? it will work there also?

  29. New File Menu allows is a fabulous tool. I love it.

  30. I am so glad finally I found New File Menu.

  31. Is the current New File Menu work with the Apple M1 laptops?

  32. Hello,
    I bought the full version but when enabling the extension it replaces the hard drive icon at macOS Monterey by a piece of paper when I add the /Volume/Seagate Expansion Drive to the location tab at the application. If I disable the Finder extension the icon is restored. If I enable the Finder extension with the location added, it breaks the hard drive icon again. If I remove the USB hard drive volume from “Locations” tab, the hard drive icon is restored just fine, even with Finder extension enabled, but no right click menu from New File Menu is available.

  33. Other people seems to report the same problem into other programs. It appers to be a macOS Finder bug:
    The workaround from far I’ve seem is creating a custom icon, disabling the Finder extension or not using it into external drives at all.

  34. How do I get this to work with OneDrive or iCloud drive?

    • Hi Ray,
      You can also create new files via the New File Menu Finder toolbar button or the New File Menu status bar icon.
      Thank you!

  35. Hi Coral
    Is the license for only one user? one computer? or is it for the whole family?

    • Hi Philippe,
      The license is associated with your Apple ID, so long as you can login the Apple ID you can download the purchased items.
      Thank you!

  36. It does not work with GoogleDrive (streamed files), even though I’ve added it to the allowed folders. Is there any workaround (besides the toolbar or menubar)?

    • Hi Sebastian,
      You can assign a keyboard shortcut to the most frequently used template in “New File Menu Preferences -> Templates”, and use the keyboard shortcut to bring up the “save as” dialog.
      You can select a different template in in the “save as” dialog if you need to create another kind of file.
      Thank you!

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