New Terminal Here

New Terminal Here allows you to open the current folder in Terminal/iTerm2 via the Finder right-click context menu.

New Terminal Here is simply the easiest way to open a terminal window at the current Finder folder, you only need to right click in any Finder window and selected “New Terminal Here”! The desktop is also supported!

To start using New Terminal Here, you need to:
1. Specify the locations you would like to add the “New Terminal Here” / “New Terminal Tab Here” menu items
2. Enable “New Terminal Here Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions”

Download New Terminal Here

  1. Darren Ehlers

    Just FYI, the issue with settings not saving seems to have resolved itself in the Beta 3 released this week…

    Everything seems to be back running well.

    – Darren

  2. macOS High Sierra issue? “New Terminal Tab Here” works but “New Terminal Here” does nothing

    • Hi, tested and confirmed that both menu items works well with macOS High Sierra. Please disable the New Terminal Here Finder extension, re-enable it and try again.
      Thank you!

  3. Tool can not be installed under OSX Mojave. Can You help?

    • Hi, please run the following command to install the helper script manually:
      cp /Applications/ ~/Library/Application\ Scripts/net.langui.NewTerminalHere.ScriptHelper/

      If the destination directory does not exist yet, please create it first:
      mkdir ~/Library/Application\ Scripts/net.langui.NewTerminalHere.ScriptHelper/

      Thank you!

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