Simple Git Server

Simple Git Server is a simple app that lets you setup and run your own Git service instantly.

With Simple Git Server, you can setup a Git server in one minute!

Here are the steps:
1. Launch Simple Git Server.
2. Create a Git repository.
3. Start the Git service.
4. Hooray! You can access the Git service now!

Simple Git Server supports the git:// protocol and listens on port by default.

Note: Authentication is not available in Simple Git Server, so all pulls / pushes are anonymous, please use this app in a closed LAN where everybody is friendly.

Download Simple Git Server

  1. Nice Git server. But I have a question on hooks. I created abc.git repository. Where do I create the pre-push hooks, as in where in the folder with ref to abc.git folder ?


  2. Hi,
    sorry I’m new… 😉
    Where I define who can access and what?
    Security features…

    • Hi,
      The “git://” protocol does not support authentication, so you can’t specify who can access a repository.
      Thank you!

  3. very practical tool. Thank you for developing this.

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