SnailHg is a TortoiseHg-like Hg (Mercurial) client, implemented as a Finder extension.

* Please check out our SnailSVN or SnailGit if you are looking for a SVN / Git client.

SnailHg allows you to access the most frequently used Hg features, from the Finder context menu directly.

SnailHg also adds icon overlays to your Hg working copies in Finder. It tracks your Hg working copies and updates the icon overlays automatically, giving you visual feedback of the current state of your working copies.

In a few steps, you can start using SnailHg easily:
1. Enable “SnailHg Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions”.
2. Clone a Hg working copy with SnailHg (File » Hg Clone…) or add an existing Hg working copy to SnailHg.
3. Navigate to your working copy in Finder and right click to access SnailHg functionalities.


Q: There is no icon overlays / context menu for the files?
A: Please make sure that you’ve enabled “SnailHg Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions”, and also make sure that you’ve added the working copy to SnailHg Preferences.
If your Hg working copy is monitored by multiple Finder extensions, please make sure that SnailHg Extension comes first in “System Preferences » Extensions » Finder”, you can drag and drop the extensions to adjust the order.
If the problem persists, please disable “SnailHg Extension” in “System Preferences » Extensions” and then enable it again. The last resort is to relaunch Finder or restart your computer.

Q: What kind of URL schemes does SnailHg support?
A: SnailHg supports the following URL schemes:
– http://
– https://
– ssh://

Q: Does SnailHg work well with other Hg clients?
A: In theory, SnailHg works with any kinds of Hg clients that is compatible with Hg (Mercurial) 3.5.

Q: Does SnailHg work for file managers other than Finder?
A: SnailHg is primarily a Finder extension, so it is likely that it will not work for other file managers.

Download SnailHg


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