Toggle Dock

Toggle Dock is the easiest way to hide/show the dock icon for a running app.

Toggle Dock allows you to remove certain applications from the Dock. Dock real estate can become precious, and some apps don’t make a whole lot of sense sitting there. With Toggle Dock, any OS X application can be made to show in the Dock or not.


Q: Is it safe to use Toggle Dock?
A: It is absolutely safe to use Toggle Dock to hide app Dock icon, Toggle Dock does NOT modify any system or application files on your Mac.

Q: Do I need to keep Toggle Dock running all the time?
A: No, you don’t need to. Once you’ve hidden an app from the Dock, you can quit Toggle Dock and continue with other stuffs.

Q: The app Dock icon does not go away when I try to hide it?
A: Please make sure that you haven’t enable “Keep in Dock” for the app.

Toggle Dock

Download Toggle Dock (Free)

  1. Remarkable! 😀

    I’ve tried editing scripts(info.plist file), GhostTile and Dock Dodge. None of them worked. This app solves all my problem!

  2. Hello, Thanks for making a greate app! 😀

  3. It doesn’t work on 10.14.3

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