CHM+ Reader 3.1 Released

CHM+ Reader 3.1 is now available on the App Store.

What’s new in CHM+ Reader 3.1:

– support for ePub file type
– search in document (.chm and .epub)
– annotation indicator for highlight that contains note
– enhanced text/HTML/MHT viewer

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  1. Best app ever!!!! It will be perfect if you put the option to search within PDF files. I have many books in PDF that are very large and it becomes impossible to read without being able to find the chapters independently.

    • Hi Christian,
      CHM+ Reader is primarily a CHM reader, currently we don’t have any plan to add the “search” feature to PDF yet.
      There are free PDF readers that are perfect for your purpose, we recommend that you try “Adobe Reader”.
      To open PDF document in another App, long press on the PDF document in the document list and tap on the “Open In..” context menu item, then chose a reader App from the popup.

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