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Git Server for iOS 1.0 Released

Git Server for iOS finally comes! It is currently the first and the only Git server available for iOS.

You can now host your projects on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch!

Download Git Server on the App Store

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SVN Server for Mac OS X 1.0 Released

SVN Server allows you to easily install and manage a fully-functional Subversion server on the Mac OS X platform.

Download SVN Server

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Redis Server for Mac OS X 1.0 Released

Redis Server allows you to easily install and run the Redis service on your Mac computer.

Download Redis Server

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Memcached Server for Mac OS X 1.0 Released

Memcached Server allows you to easily install and run the Memcached service on your Mac computer.

Download Memcached Server

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Translate Text for Mac 1.0 Released

Translate Text is a tiny tool for translating selected text on your Mac OS X computer.

Translate Text utilizes Google Translate, and it is totally free.

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Archive Viewer for Mac 1.0 Released

Archive Viewer is a powerful archive manager that makes viewing/extracting archives really easy.

Download Archive Viewer

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New File Here for Mac 1.0 Released

New File Here adds a “New File Here” menu item to Finder’s context menu, enabling you to create files easily in any location.

Download New File Here

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Extractor 1.0 Released

Extractor is a fast and efficient utility to extract all kinds of archives, including rar, zip, 7z, bzip2, cab, msi, iso, tar, gz, xz and many other archive file types.

Download Extractor

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Capture Text 1.0 Released

Capture Text is a small utility to copy window/label/menu/web text in Mac.

Capture Text is released as a freeware in the hope that it would be helpful, should you have any question please leave a message.

Download Capture Text for Free

Please refer to the Capture Text page for more information.

ChmPlus Reader 3.2 Released

What’s new in ChmPlus Reader (CHM+ Reader) 3.2:

– update icons for the new iPad
– fix epub document reading issue
– improve text selection for plain text documents
– improve “find on page”
– fix chm text encoding issue

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