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FTP Mounter for macOS Released

FTP Mounter lets you mount FTP and SFTP servers as local drives.

Mount FTP/SFTP servers and open/edit/manage the remote files/directories directly!

Download FTP MounterFTP Mounter Drives

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New File Menu Featured on the Mac App Store

New File Menu and Context Menu are now featured on the Mac App Store!

Click Right!: Get more done with these Finder menus.

‎Click Right! : Mac App Store Story

WebDAV Server for macOS Released

WebDAV Server provides a simple way to share / sync files via HTTP / WebDAV.

WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) allows clients to perform remote Web content authoring operations.

WebDAV Server lets you run the HTTP / WebDAV service on your Mac computer and you can access the files from other computers / devices with WebDAV-capable clients such as Finder or File Explorer.
You can press Command-K in Finder, enter the HTTP URL (e.g. and connect to WebDAV Server.

Download WebDAV Server

WebDAV Server

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ZipMounter for macOS Released

ZipMounter is a utility for mounting archive files as local disks on your Mac.

Open and view archive files (zip, rar, 7-zip, gzip, tar, bz2, etc.) in Finder, as if they are removable disks connected to your computer.

Download ZipMounter


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SFTP Server for macOS Released

SFTP Server allows you to share / exchange files via the SSH File Transfer Protocol (also Secure File Transfer Protocol, or SFTP).

Download SFTP Server

SFTP Server

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Context Menu 1.0 for macOS Released

Context Menu is a configurable contextual menu extension for Finder.

You can easily attach applications / shell scripts to the right click menu of Finder with the help of Context Menu.

Download Context Menu

Context Menu

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SnailFossil 1.0 for Mac OS X Released

SnailFossil is a TortoiseSVN-like Fossil ( client, implemented as a Finder extension.

SnailFossil allows you to access the most frequently used Fossil features via the Finder right-click context menu.

Download SnailFossil

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Go Runner for macOS Released

Go Runner is the easiest way to write and test your golang source code.

Go Runner

Download Go Runner for Free!

Compatibility: OS X Mavericks (10.9) or later, 64-bit processor

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Toggle Dock for macOS Released

Toggle Dock is the easiest way to hide/show the dock icon for a running app.

Toggle Dock

Download Toggle Dock (Free)


AppLocker for Mac OS X 1.0 Released

AppLocker password-protects any OS X application from unauthorized usage without modifying anything in your system settings and/or applications.

Update: The empty Setup window issue has been fixed.

AppLocker Password

Download AppLocker for Free!

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