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Java Runner for macOS Released

Write and run Java code instantly!
Java Runner is a handy tool for learning Java and running Java code for daily tasks.
Simply type Java code and press “Command-R” to run it, that is all!
You don’t event need to save the file first!

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FTP Mounter for macOS Released

FTP Mounter lets you mount FTP and SFTP servers as local drives.

Mount FTP/SFTP servers and open/edit/manage the remote files/directories directly!

Download FTP MounterFTP Mounter Drives

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FileDrop for macOS Released

FileDrop allows you to quickly transfer files/directories to another computer via FileDrop/SFTP/FTP.

The files/directories are accepted and renamed/stored automatically, without manual confirmation.

Download FileDropFileDrop Transfer

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Git Credential Manager for macOS Released

Git Credential Manager (GCM) simplifies authentication with your Git repositories.

Don’t like to type the Git username/password again and again?
Git Credential Manager fills the Git credentials automatically each time you interact with the remote Git repositories.

Download Git Credential Manager

Git Credential Manager Authentication

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