CHM+ Reader 2.2 Released

We are glad to announce the availability of CHM+ Reader 2.2, which is a significant update that includes many new features.

What’s new in CHM+ Reader 2.2:

– highlight / annotation and bookmark
– search functionality (find in page)
– look up words with Google / Wiktionary
– setting option for enabling/disabling double tap to enter/exit full screen
– optimize TOC UI to display long titles
– support for MS Office 2007 document format: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx
– change the built-in external link browser theme to default color
– fix UTF-8 encoding issue that exists in some CHM documents

CHM+ Reader is available on iTunes App Store:

Download CHM+ Now Download CHM+ Now

Download CHM+ Lite Now Download CHM+ Lite Now

  1. i already tried the new update for several days, my personal opinion is that the highlight feature is not really convenient especially for those who is using it for study purpose in which they need to highlight import and useful info every now and then. it would be better of if the highlight feature is only 1 click ahead instead of you need to select save every time you want to highlight something.

    thank you

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