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CHM+ Reader 3.1 Released

CHM+ Reader 3.1 is now available on the App Store.

What’s new in CHM+ Reader 3.1:

– support for ePub file type
– search in document (.chm and .epub)
– annotation indicator for highlight that contains note
– enhanced text/HTML/MHT viewer

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CHM+ Reader 3.0 Released

CHM+ Reader 3.0 is now available on the App Store, which brings various new features.

What’s new in CHM+ Reader 3.0:

– create/copy/move/rename/delete files and folders
– support for .zip, .rar, .7z,.gz, .tar file types
– edit existing text documents
– new file type icons
– compress files/folders
– send multiple Email attachments
– fix c51.chm navigation issue

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– 新增火车票代售点查询功能
– 调整订单查询结果展示样式
– 更新“常见问题解答”部分内容







火车订票助手受到媒体的推荐,很让我们感到惊喜,但是却也是情理之中。我们一直都在致力于为用户创造更好的软件,为用户提供更好的服务。火车订票助手由专业团队精心打造,一经发布便受到了热烈的欢迎,作为一款App Store旅行分类排行榜名列第一的优秀订票软件,火车订票助手受到媒体的推荐,也不是件偶然的事情。这里有一点要纠正的是,火车订票助手的定价是非常实惠的,18元的定价仅仅相当于在火车票代售点购买3张火车票的手续费+3元零头。




从苹果App Store应用商店下载火车订票助手

CHM+ Reader 2.3 Released

We are glad to announce the release of CHM+ Reader 2.3, which brings support for .mht file format.

What’s new in CHM+ Reader 2.3:

– support for .mht file format (experimental)
– ability to send any document to email
– improve the stability of highlight feature
– support opening unknown document as text file
– improved web upload UI

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CHM+ Reader 2.2.1 Released

We are glad to announce the availability of CHM+ Reader 2.2.1, which brings update for iOS 5 and optimization for iPad.

What’s new in CHM+ Reader 2.2.1:

– optimize UI for iPad (“File Transfer” & “Table of Contents”)
– turn off iTunes/iCloud backup by default for iOS 5
– bring back the “Define” menu for iOS 5
– new setting option to enable/disable image resizing

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CHM+ Reader On Sale Now

The sale is over, thanks everyone!

CHM+ Reader is now on sale for the winter holidays ($5.99 => $2.99), purchase and save 50% now!

CHM+ Reader is the best CHM reader for iPad, iPhone/iPod touch, why not get it now?

Search for “CHM+ Reader” in iTunes or open the follow URL to purchase:

CHM+ Reader 2.2 Released

We are glad to announce the availability of CHM+ Reader 2.2, which is a significant update that includes many new features.

What’s new in CHM+ Reader 2.2:

– highlight / annotation and bookmark
– search functionality (find in page)
– look up words with Google / Wiktionary
– setting option for enabling/disabling double tap to enter/exit full screen
– optimize TOC UI to display long titles
– support for MS Office 2007 document format: .docx, .xlsx, .pptx
– change the built-in external link browser theme to default color
– fix UTF-8 encoding issue that exists in some CHM documents

CHM+ Reader is available on iTunes App Store:

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All the sizes of iOS app icons

  1. 57 px, iPhone – good ol’ classic.
  2. 72 px, iPad
  3. 114 px, iPhone 4 – make sure your icon shines on the Retina Display.
  4. 512 px, iTunes – Used in iTunes and in the App Store, where it’s sized down to 175 px. Sadly, you can’t provide the 175 px version directly.
  5. 29 px, iPhone Settings/Spotlight, iPad Settings – used in these table views. Minor, but still important!
  6. 48 px, iPad Spotlight – yup, the iPad uses a different size for Spotlight and Settings. This size is controversial! Apple’s docs actually say the icon is 50 px, but then there’s this note: The final visual size of this icon is 48 x 48 pixels. iPhone OS trims 1 pixel from each side of your artwork and adds a drop shadow. Be sure to take this into account as you design your icon. How weird!
  7. 58 px, iPhone 4 Settings/Spotlight – that’s right, you have to make both 57 and 58 px versions of your icon – d’oh! Good luck aligning this if there’s a line running down the middle of the icon.
  8. 64 px document icon – who knew: iOS apps can provide document icons. It’s unclear how these will be used – they don’t do much currently – but it’s not a bad idea to start planning now.
  9. 320 px document icon – why not 256, darn it? :)
  10. Let’s say Apple comes out with a high-ppi iPad. That will mean at least 2 new sizes – maybe 144 px and 96 px.

From:  All the sizes of iOS app icons (Neven Mrgan’s Tumbl)

iPageRank Released

iPageRank is a handy tool for checking website Google PageRank on your iPhone/iPod Touch, anytime and anywhere.

iPageRank home page:

iPageRank is available on iTunes App Store for free: